is a fun site indeed. I love it. :3 I'm going to try to post as much as I can in the forum and play many games. Maybe watch some flash movies. Plus I wanna look at a bunch of artwork, review, and fave stuff. The Audio Portal is epic and I love downloading music from there.

(and YES! I'm going away this Thursday, July, 23rd!!! HERE I COME MINNEAPOLIS!!!!)

And I'll also post some of my own artwork... hopefully people will review my drawings and all. x3
And omigosh, I feel like such a newbie/n00b on here... lolol. At first I couldn't figure out how to "agree to the guidelines" when I tried posting a review on something but than my dumb-mind realized there's just a check box below the writing-review thing. XDD Plus I didn't know the signature size was approx. 599 x 50 LOLOL. SO yeah, yay NewGrounds... I'll probably not stay here long... but ah well, I'll have meh fun. :D

Hehe, I'm having fun here on NewGrounds!